Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Looking up to Njock Ayuk Eyong for Gathering Encouragement

You would hardly find a person who is not familiar with the game of football. It is an outdoor game, and this game is played between two teams. The main aim is to put the ball in the net of the opponent team. Each team includes 11 players. This is a highly physical game, and one needs a lot of stamina and strength to make a place in this field.

Each and every team needs a managing committee and football is not alien to this concept. Each team is under the guidance of a managing committee and it is their duty to look after all kinds of requirements of the players. The committee takes decisions for the betterment of the players and the club. If you look at the names of presidents of famous clubs, then the name of Njock Ayuk Eyong features at the top.
He has served one of the wealthiest football clubs on the planet. He was designated as the administrator of this club and then turned into its leader. He assumes an indispensable part in the arrangement and execution of the approaches. It is under his direction that the club got the honour of being the best club in the business. Njock Ayuk Eyong even penned down a book that depended on the changing ideas on playing football, and it was the fate of the smash hits of the year. In spite of his feverish timetable, he jumps at the chance to peruse books and go with his loved ones. He is a motivation to those, who need to make their professions in games.

As indicated by him, it is his obsession for the diversion and devotion that assumed a big part in his tremendous achievement. He was conceived and raised in England, where he built up his adoration for the diversion. From youthful age, he used to play football with his dad. Also, it is of him; he learned the procedures of playing this amusement. He sought after Bachelor of Arts in Sports and Fitness Management from a perceived school to clean his playing aptitudes. He is entirely refreshing for his idealistic mentality, and eagerness to explore new territory. Njock Ayuk Eyong was regarded with the absolute most prestigious honours, furthermore sacked a position in the rundown of powerful identities in the business.

With his ample knowledge, he has been able to change the face of the club drastically. His expertise has helped the club in raising its status in no time at all. He knows exactly how to raise the morale of the players when they are going through a rough patch. Many coaches and managing committees of other clubs have followed his methods to get success. Now, he has become a household name in the arena of football.
People, who want to make their place in the field of sports, can look up to him. He is like a constant foundation of inspiration for all players. So, he is one of the shining names in the world of football.

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