Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Njock Ayuk Eyong – “The Performer”

There are players who are trained to achieve greatness. They are those who are born with it and work further to get that. And then there are players like Njock Ayuk Eyong, who was born to rule the most popular game on planet-football. He debuted after fine performances for his club team, and then had a fantastic career with the national team. Having played the game for over two decades for his nation, he decided to move on from playing but didn’t hang his boot.

Having fallen in love with the game, he turned businessman with several of sporting goods stores and accessories shops. He also has established one of the widest networks of professional coaching for football. Combining his love for traveling- which he discovered accidentally on a family vacation- he has grown into a successful businessman, a fierce yet understanding coach and a fantastic man with spirit to create a career path that’s unconventional and commendable.

Njock Ayuk Eyong discovered his passion for travelling by accident, and same happened with his speed racing career. He tried it, loved it and owned a few while getting licenses for official races. Metaphorically, he could be categorized as an alchemist by virtue of his power of touching anything and that coming to life for him.

Adding on to these achievements, he has been asked to call (commentate) several popular leagues due to his fame. He has been associated with several sporting brands as the brand ambassador. His popularity has never really plummeted, and his aura has continued to shine. He has also been awarded as the rising entrepreneur with several business awards for his contribution to business and success in the same. What has stood out is his amazing dedication. When he planned the world tour with his family, he took care to visit each place, watch matches, study the locations, and chalk out plans for his future among those. He fell in love with travelling because he saw the scope of travelling beyond what ordinary people can see. And actually, that is what makes him stand out from rest.

He offers several scholarships in his academies to meritorious students who can’t otherwise afford higher training. He is a hard taskmaster, but a proven successful coach and his academies continue to produce fine talent mixed with an insightful knowledge of the game and a training that shows with their moves. Needless to say, Njock Ayuk Eyong does everything with complete dedication, otherwise such results are hard to get.

He is known to be a food lover and possess fine taste buds. He’s a known philanthropist, and does several donations towards the same. Njock Ayuk Eyong also plays golf. It’ll be surprising to know but it appears there’s not much that this man isn’t capable of doing once he sets his eye. He is a true inspiration, and keeps working for the game and society with his academies, philanthropy and business model and high quality products.

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