Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Njock Ayuk Eyong Specializes In All The Areas Related To Football Game

Football is a popular sport which is played worldwide, and there are various football icons, who establish their names through their valuable contribution in the world of football. One of such legend is Njock Ayuk Eyong, who is an all-rounder football player, and knows all the aspects related to the game. He played football for a popular football club of England, and after the retirement he was appointed as the team uniform designer. He focuses on the outfits and ensures that they are not only attractive, but also comfortable for the players. According to him, the uniform must reflect the team spirit in an effective way. He designed the uniforms while keeping the latest fashion trends and techniques in mind so that to offer the best one to the team. He even owns a football store, where an exclusive collection of merchandise is displayed for the football enthusiasts at amazing prices.

He grew up in England, and spent most of his childhood days while playing football with his father. In an interview published in a popular sports magazine, he stated that playing sports is an ideal way to keep your body fit and active. He pursued his bachelors degree from a prestigious college, and during this, he was offered a chance to play football for one of the most famous football clubs. He even played for the country for a period of 20 years, and after the retirement, he tried his hands in other fields such as management, designing, etc. Njock Ayuk Eyong was honored with some of the most respected awards and also bagged a position in the list of richest people in England that was issued by a sports magazine.

He is quiet appreciated by his colleagues and followers for his amicable and lively attitude. He has established his name in the industry through his outstanding and unique style of working. He believes in a simple concept of updating his skills according to the changes in the market. It is his passion and in-depth knowledge regarding all the major aspects of the game that played a prominent role in crafting his successful career. Njock Ayuk Eyong also wrote a book that beautifully describes his successful journey, and it became one of the best sellers of the year. He is known for his innovative designs and ideas.

Presently, he is working on some of his dream projects and planning to expand his store in other parts of the world. He is married to one of the most famous personality in the finance sector, and lives in a penthouse with his family. Despite of his busy schedule, he tries to take out time for his family and friends. In his leisure time, he likes to read inspirational books, travel, and cook for them. He is not only a successful football player, but also an active social worker. He is linked to NGO that works for the welfare of children, who are deprived of the basic necessities in life. He is a perfect example for the upcoming players, and tend to inspire them through his success.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Njock Ayuk Eyong: President Of The Most Popular Football Club In The World

Football is counted amongst the most well-known games in the world, and a football team comprises 11 players, who represent a football club, nation, state, or group. A football club is an organized body with a president, who regulates a set of instructions for the development of the club and players. There are various presidents of different clubs, but one name that is different from the rest is Njock Ayuk Eyong due to his unique style of working.

He has worked with one of the richest football clubs in the world. He was appointed as the manager of this club, then became it's president. He plays a vital role in the formation and execution of the policies. It is under his guidance that the club was awarded as the best club in the industry. Njock Ayuk Eyong even wrote a book that was based on the changing concepts regarding playing football, and it became of the best sellers of the year. Despite of his hectic schedule, he likes to read books and travel with his friends and family. He is an inspiration to those, who want to make their careers in sports.

According to him, it is his passion for the game, and dedication that played a protagonist role in his immense success. He was born and brought up in England, where he developed his love for the game. From young age, he used to play football with his father. In addition, it is from him, he learnt the techniques of playing this game. He pursued Bachelor of Arts in Sports and Fitness Management from a recognized college to polish his playing skills. He is quite appreciated for his optimistic attitude, and enthusiasm to do something new.  Njock Ayuk Eyong was honored with some of the most prestigious awards, and also bagged a position in the list of influential personalities in the industry.