Monday, 5 June 2017

Njock Ayuk Eyong: An Eminent Figure in the Football World

Njock Ayuk Eyong is known to be an icon in the football world. In the initial years of his career, he played football for a club and later played for his country. His career as a footballer spans over two decades. After retiring as an esteemed football player, he started his own coaching academy where he offers advanced football training to the budding and the talented players on a scholarship basis. He provides autograph jerseys to all the football lovers. His passion for the game has urged him to host a football show on television, where the players can share their opinions, experiences and views on the game of football. 

Apart from being a talented sportsman, Eyong is a commendable writer.  He has written a couple of books for his football fans across the globe. ‘Africa Football: A Followers Guide,’ is an extensive research work on the football game and has topped the ‘European football stadiums’ charts in the year 2008. This book has become popular among fans all over the world. Soon after releasing this book, he released another book, ‘Passport to Soccer'. This book vividly describes the football game and mentions the thirty expeditions that the passionate football lovers are keen to know. All his books have garnered a lot of success and are popular among Eyong’s fans across the globe. In addition to books, Eyong has also written a couple of guides and ‘Dripping Yarns’ is one of the highly acclaimed one.

Eyong’s opinions and advice are regarded by his fans and followers everywhere, due to the immense contribution he has made to the football game. He is also a popular figure and the media also welcomes him. His fans are always eager to know his suggestions, opinions and views of the present and the past aspects of the football game and how world tournaments take place around the globe.

His love for the game has attracted him to the cities of London and Copenhagen. He lives in each of the cities for a few months. This gives him time to acquaint himself with the cultures of the two cities. Eyong has received the proposal for commentating for a couple of popular leagues. He has also been the brand ambassador of a couple of sporting brands.

Njock Ayuk Eyong is a gourmet. He loves to experiment with new dishes and try varied cuisines. This has inspired him to own a restaurant chain. The best thing about his ‘themed restaurants’ is that all the dishes have interesting names of eminent football players. After retiring from the football game, Eyong has established stores for selling the sports goods.

Eyong is known to be a great social worker and has been an inherent part of many NGOs that work for the downtrodden and the deprived. He has even contributed immensely for the children’s cancer hospital. He conducts matches for the charitable purposes. Though there are many football players but the hard work, talent and passion of Eyong set him apart from his peers in the football world.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Njock Ayuk Eyong: A Footballer, Writer, Entrepreneur and Social Worker

Njock Ayuk Eyong has dominated the world of football with his innovative playing techniques. He is an icon and has played for about 20 years for his country. After retiring as an ace football player he established himself as an entrepreneur by selling sports goods items. He has even written books on the game of football and one of his hot-selling books is titled as ‘Africa Football- A Follower’s Guide.’ He has written this book for his fans and football lovers around the world after years of research work. This book had become popular among his fans and topped the ‘European Football Stadium’s’ charts in the year 2008. Soon after the release of this book, he wrote another book named as ‘Passport to Soccer.’ This book gives a vivid description of the football game and clearly mentions about the thirty expeditions all football lovers should be aware of. He has also written a couple of football guides, out of which ‘Dripping Yarns’ is the most popular one.

He works as an ambassador for many esteemed sports brands. The football game attracts him to the two cities of Copenhagen and London. Half of a year he lives in London and in Copenhagen for the remaining half. He was offered to work as a commentator in popular football leagues. He has carved a niche for himself in the football world and has contributed immensely to African Football. He is highly respected and his opinions are welcomed by his fans across the globe. All the football lovers want suggestions from him about this game.

He has established his own football academy where he coaches and trains aspiring football players. It offers special training to the budding talents on a scholarship basis. It provides advanced training to all the eager payers, who want to learn the game. For the ardent football lovers and fanatics, he offers jerseys with the autographs of famous players. He even hosts a television show on football, where football players share views, opinions and experiences etc.

Apart from being a talented player, a brilliant writer, and coach, Njock Ayuk Eyong is the owner of a restaurant chain. He is a foodie and loves to experiment and try out dishes from various cultures. Being a food connoisseur he loves to tickle his taste buds with different types of cuisines and introduce new dishes to his restaurants. The unique aspect of his restaurants is that the dishes carry the name of esteemed football players.

The contribution of Eyong to the world is immense, from being a player, entrepreneur, commentator, ambassador and social worker. He has actively participated in a host of NGOs for the betterment of the poor and needy and for all the deprived people of the society. He donates a lot to the charitable organizations for children that work on treating terminal diseases like cancer. For the purpose of donation, Eyong organizes matches. Though there are many football players all over the world, Eyong is considered to be a legend for his passion, skill, talent, dedication and hard work.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Njock Ayuk Eyong – The Multi-talented Personality

Among the list of famous football players, the name of Njock Ayuk Eyong holds a special position. If you are one of his fans, read this article until end to know him a bit more closely than ever.

His Journey in the Football world

Njock Ayuk Eyong is regarded as a living legend in the history of football. He is a player with a passion not by profession, and that reflects in his entire football career. Though he started his career by playing for a small football club, his extraordinary playing skill took the sky-high success within few years. He started living his passion so dedicatedly that it made him be selected for the national level. He played 20 years for the nation.  Through his unmatched playing skills, the fame of most influential player of the country became easily tagged to him.

Knowing him more personally:

Njock Ayuk Eyong is a citizen of England. As the sport was his passion, he completed both his bachelor and master degree in the same field. The way he gave more of his life to the game is rare to be seen in any other player’s career. According to him, playing football is a form of exercise. It makes him stay healthy and tension free. He is quite sociable too. He has always maintained the parallelism between his career and his personal life. Next, to game, reading is his hobby; he is the author of Africa Football.


The journey of his achievement started from a small football club which later continued until his retirement from the national team. His broad experience in the game even helped him performing well as a commentator for many football leagues. The list of his talents does not end here; he has hosted a couple of shows on small tele industry screen as well. His show hosts a healthy discussion with many top football legends on further improving the game in coming years.

Immense Contribution-

Even after his retirement, he did not leave the game spirit. His itch of developing better players dragged him to open a football academy of his own. His area of focus was to improve the playing skills of the young fresh players with his magic tricks. Not only this, but he also sponsors needy players to climb the ladder of their success.

To facilitate the easy access to latest football equipment, Njock Ayuk Eyong opened both physical and e-stores where one can buy quality game accessories with an exchange of very small price. With this commercial success, he achieved the tag of a best entrepreneur cum businessman in the world of football. His weakness for a good taste of food made him an open couple of restaurants as well. The specialty of those restaurants is that the delicious dishes offered have been named after top football players.

Njock Ayuk Eyong has his active participation in many social works too. He is a member of many non-profit organizations. His aim is to do charity for cancer patients all over the world. For that, he used to arrange many football leagues so that sufficient money can be raised.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Njock Ayuk Eyong: A Sportsman, Writer and Entrepreneur

Njock Ayuk Eyong is known to be an icon in the world of football. During the early years of his career, he used to play football on behalf of a club. It was during this time he was offered to play for his country. This was the first step on his path to success. For about 20 years he played for his country and later on, he became a writer, coach, and entrepreneur and set up stores for selling sports goods. 

He is multi-talented and apart from being a remarkable football player, he is a commendable writer. After extensive research work, he has written the book called, ‘Africa Football: A Followers Guide.’ This book had occupied the topmost position in the chart of the ‘European football stadium’ in 2008. Soon after releasing this book he released another book named as ‘Passport to Soccer,’ that elaborates on the thirty expeditions for football fans all around the world. He even describes the football game in details in this book for all the football lovers. His books have all garnered huge success and are very popular among his fans. Apart from books, he has written many guides and ‘Dripping Yarns’ has been lauded by fans and critics alike.

Njock Ayuk Eyong is the brand ambassador of many esteemed sports brands and he has even received offers to commentate popular leagues. He divides his time of stay between the two cities of London and Copenhagen. His passion for the game of football draws him to these cities.
He has made a huge contribution to the African football game and this has made him a legend in the world of football. His opinions make a huge difference to his fans across the globe. They are eager to know all about the game of football and all the current and the past aspects related to it and how the world tournaments take place in various parts of the world.

He is a passionate and competent coach who trains budding talents through his extensive coaching network. His football academy provides an advanced training level to those interested in learning about the game of football. His academy provides special training to the skilled players who obtain scholarships. Eyong provides jerseys to football fans, signed by famous players. He hosts a football show for his fans in which famous players share opinions, experiences and their views and talk about the different changes in the game of football.

Eyong owns a restaurant chain all over the world. Being a food connoisseur, he likes to experiment with food. He owns themed restaurants where he names the dishes after esteemed football players. He is a dedicated football player, a brilliant coach, entrepreneur, commentator and a social worker. He has been an inherent part of a host of NGOs. Eyong is lauded for his active participation in social work. His contribution to the charitable children’s organization for cancer is praiseworthy. He even conducts matches for charity. Eyong has carved a niche for himself in the world of football because of his talent, passion, sincerity, hard work and dedication.