Monday, 17 October 2016

Njock Ayuk Eyong – Author of Africa Football

Magazines are a standout amongst the most widely recognized methods for correspondence to authors, editors and pursuers. A few different fields and classes are secured in magazines like games, outline, style, cars among others. Among the most broadly distributed and read magazines are games magazines. There are several games magazine editors in England, yet Njock Ayuk Eyong made his remarkable name through his commendable work. His magazine is known for wonderful facts and information related to the football world, and he has pin-to-plane data as to his forte. He has also honoured as the bestseller–Africa Football: A Follower’s Guide. It topped the amazon charts in the year 2008.

He juggles between two vastly different places- London and Copenhagen. Two different but football mad cities form his basis. It is only because he loved the game and has been a successful player. He was a passionate player in his youth, who played both for his club and nation. He got retired with full dignity and respect. Thusly, in the wake of playing for the period of 3 years, he joined a media house as a journalist. His sections offered data and subtleties for different areas of the game of football. Due to tremendous achievements and great knowledge of the field, he has been offered the post of Chief Editor. Njock Ayuk Eyong developed his name in the journalistic rooms through his instinct and phenomenal learning of the amusement. He is considered as the most persuasive personality when it comes to games.

He was esteemed presumably with the most prestigious honour for his unprecedented style and delightful system of making articles and write-ups. He was delegated as one of the board of judge for the youthful and sprouting columnists and journalists of the next generation. He's trying to pursue each of his fantasies and that is the reason, he has successful in the field of writing. Inventive feature writer, writer, sports writer, and among the most adored football essayists and editors, he utilizes his web journal to interact with his pursuers furthermore by sharing articles and segments.

Living in a penthouse in Westminster, England; Njock Ayuk Eyong makes the most of his family existence with his better half, who is a finance specialist. They have two lovely little girls together, and his family together motivates him to invest energy home, far from his intense calendars. He loves periodic perusing and cooking, particularly for his family. He is, in his heart, a genuine family man and similarly an intensive expert, who chips away at the idea of perception. He puts the final result in his psyche before actualizing each thought that he is holding. He's a motivation, be it in the field or in his office, as he gives equal preference to his friends and family. He is one of the best writers in the field of football and has given commendable write-ups. He’s not just a renowned player but also a commendable writer.

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