Thursday, 14 July 2016

Njock Ayuk Eyong: an Iconic Footballer, Successful Entrepreneur and Great social worker!

Njock Ayuk Eyong is known as a legend in the football world and recognized as a football celebrity of all times. With his skilled playing abilities and talent he has made a top position among the rest. At the time when he was playing for the nation, he kept practicing and tried to identify each and every single aspect of the game, and established his distinct image in the game of football. Initially, when he started his career as a footballer he was playing for the renowned British football club and proved him as a talented and skilled player, and later he was selected for the national team of football. He played as a footballer for two decades and in his whole career he has made and broke a number of game records. After 20 years of his successful football career, he took retirement from the game and started his own business of restaurants across the world. At these restaurants, the multiple cuisines served and each dish is named after the name of well-known footballers.

It has often been said that it is too hard to keep him away from this game. He always likes to be attached directly or indirectly to the game that is the only reason of running his own football academy and football accessory store across the different parts of the globe. He was also offered an opportunity to represent the football league, where he proved his skills of commentary and was quite appreciated by the people as a best commentator.

Along with football, he loves touring and travelling to experience different cultures, customs, traditions, historical places and many more. With this reason he was gone for a world tour with his family and explores various places. According to him that only through the touring you can see the beauty of the world and learn various things. He was also attracted by the beauty of various ideologies and artistic events across the globe. He believes that tour always relaxing his mind and refreshing his soul which is the only reason he books family vacation trips in different countries once a year. During his family trip he always keeps in touch with the football game so never supposed to miss a single match during his vacations.

He is just not only a skilled football player, but also known as a successful entrepreneur. He is also an active social-worker and keeps working for different NGOs and helping poor people through various programs. He is working as a leading partner to improve the social condition of various people who are struggling with the various problems in their lives. He is also running his own a cancer charitable group and working for the children who are suffering from cancer. Njock Ayuk Eyong is married to a gorgeous French model, and has two sons. When he found some spare time he would like to enjoy other games such as basketball, snooker, baseball, cricket etc.

He was a successful TV host for the show where various players were invited to share their experiences and views regarding the game. He is one the most popular football player who is followed by plethora of social media.     

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