Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Njock Ayuk Eyong: A Footballer, Writer, Entrepreneur and Social Worker

Njock Ayuk Eyong has dominated the world of football with his innovative playing techniques. He is an icon and has played for about 20 years for his country. After retiring as an ace football player he established himself as an entrepreneur by selling sports goods items. He has even written books on the game of football and one of his hot-selling books is titled as ‘Africa Football- A Follower’s Guide.’ He has written this book for his fans and football lovers around the world after years of research work. This book had become popular among his fans and topped the ‘European Football Stadium’s’ charts in the year 2008. Soon after the release of this book, he wrote another book named as ‘Passport to Soccer.’ This book gives a vivid description of the football game and clearly mentions about the thirty expeditions all football lovers should be aware of. He has also written a couple of football guides, out of which ‘Dripping Yarns’ is the most popular one.

He works as an ambassador for many esteemed sports brands. The football game attracts him to the two cities of Copenhagen and London. Half of a year he lives in London and in Copenhagen for the remaining half. He was offered to work as a commentator in popular football leagues. He has carved a niche for himself in the football world and has contributed immensely to African Football. He is highly respected and his opinions are welcomed by his fans across the globe. All the football lovers want suggestions from him about this game.

He has established his own football academy where he coaches and trains aspiring football players. It offers special training to the budding talents on a scholarship basis. It provides advanced training to all the eager payers, who want to learn the game. For the ardent football lovers and fanatics, he offers jerseys with the autographs of famous players. He even hosts a television show on football, where football players share views, opinions and experiences etc.

Apart from being a talented player, a brilliant writer, and coach, Njock Ayuk Eyong is the owner of a restaurant chain. He is a foodie and loves to experiment and try out dishes from various cultures. Being a food connoisseur he loves to tickle his taste buds with different types of cuisines and introduce new dishes to his restaurants. The unique aspect of his restaurants is that the dishes carry the name of esteemed football players.

The contribution of Eyong to the world is immense, from being a player, entrepreneur, commentator, ambassador and social worker. He has actively participated in a host of NGOs for the betterment of the poor and needy and for all the deprived people of the society. He donates a lot to the charitable organizations for children that work on treating terminal diseases like cancer. For the purpose of donation, Eyong organizes matches. Though there are many football players all over the world, Eyong is considered to be a legend for his passion, skill, talent, dedication and hard work.

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