Monday, 21 March 2016

Football with Njock Ayuk Eyong

A renowned businessman is the one who has made its position in his customers’ hearts. Youngsters are very inspired when they hear about successful business people like Njock Ayuk Eyong. He is one those businessmen who has credentials of making a successful position in the market of sports, who owns the largest chain of football parts stores in different parts of the world. This is a very big thing. All his stores offer latest equipment at competitive price range which is affordable for people and especially students who love this game. He pursued Bachelor of Arts in Sports and Fitness Management from a prestigious college and so he got himself enrolled in a recognized college and worked as a football manager at a famous football club as he initially played there for 20 years. He earned fame in the corporate world with his remarkable passion and dedication for work.

Passion and dedication are the top most essential qualities that Njock Ayuk Eyong had. Through his efficiency in work, he made his name in the football equipments’ industry. Games like football which is a core of sports and almost everybody around the world like to play it. It is one of the most popular sports. Interest in one of major sports has made his career to the heights. He has played it with full interest because his love for this game made him popular among every age of people. Also he has been a great writer. He has written famous books on football and guides. He is one of the reputed and renowned writers as his books and guides are among bestselling books around the world. He has done a lot of research and only then has pen down his thoughts which are printed only after valid verification.

 It has been very blissful journey for him in the matter of attaining name in the football. Njock Ayuk Eyong is one of the 50 richest businessmen. He has been growing in his career tremendously as he is known to have published public information on the African football fans and supporters. His fans have started following football more as a game and also have tremendous interest in his publications. He wrote the book, ‘Africa Football: A Followers Guide’ after an extended interesting research and explorations more about football as game. This book was so amazingly written that it topped the European football stadium’s section in charts 2008.

His another book ‘passport to soccer’ came out in 2009 as his avid fans were so now eagerly waiting for his publications. This also hit the charts of the stadium. His positive and amicable attitude towards this game made his career journey worth knowing around the world. After the retirement Njock Ayuk Eyong became the manager of football team at the famous football club and made the career of many others. The notion that playing games makes a person fit and healthy was also followed by him and he always made his fans understood this though his publications which were really famous.

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