Monday, 14 December 2015

Njock Ayuk Eyong - A Living Legend In Football

Football is counted amongst the most commonly played games in the world, and there are various players, who have earned a name in the football world through their outstanding playing techniques and skills. In addition, Njock Ayuk Eyong is one name that has its own distinct identity in this game. He began his career by playing for a popular English football club and later, played for the country for a time span of 20 years. After his retirement, he started his own football academies in different parts of the country through which he trains a number of young talents and polish them to transform them into professionals.

He also owns a chain of football accessory stores that is scattered around different parts of the world and it offers all the modern equipment at amazing prices. He is working on his first book that depicts his amazing journey in the football world. He was even offered an opportunity to be the commentator for the most popular football series and was quite appreciated by the audience. Njock Ayuk Eyong understood each and every aspect about the game that helped him to excel and create a reputed name in the world. According to him, sports is the most interesting way to explore and learn new things in life.

He was born and brought up in the beautiful countryside town in England, and spent most of his childhood playing football with his father. It was from him, he acquired the art of playing the game.  It is his great knowledge and passion for football that played a protagonist role in his immense success. Despite of his busy schedule, Njock Ayuk Eyong likes to travel and read as these two things act as a stress buster for him. He is not only a great player, but also an innovative businessman, who perfectly knows how to derive profits from his ventures.

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